It is recommended that you never attempt a furnace repair on your own but sometimes a repair isn’t actually needed at all. When dealing with equipment that has many components it’s often something very simple causing the issue, and if you learn what to look for you may be able to fix it yourself and save some money while you’re at it.

Things to Try

Furnace repair denverCheck the thermostat – This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often this is the culprit. Thermostats are like mini computers these days and are way more complicated than they used to be. Make sure it’s set to “Heat” and the temperature is set above the current temperature in the room. Be sure to also clear any dust under the casing and check for broken wires.

Check breakers and switches – Another one that might seem like common sense is one that many don’t actually think about. All furnaces have a shutoff switch, check on the furnace or even a wall close by. A simple flick of a switch could have you up and running in no time. The problem might also lie with the circuit breaker for the furnace. Give it a quick look before moving on to other possibilities.

Change the Air Filter – If your filter is so dirty that it’s restricting airflow it might cause the heat exchanger to overheat. This can lead to the safety feature kicking in and suddenly shutting off the furnace. Try to replace your filters every month or so and always make sure to turn your furnace off before doing so.

Check the gas – You never know if a valve got shut off somewhere for some reason so follow the line and make sure all valves are on. If you have a pilot light make sure it’s lit.

Check the drain line – Newer furnaces can remove lots of water during heating and it can cause problems if the drainage hose becomes clogged. Mix 1-part bleach to 3-parts water and pour it into the line. Flush after a few minutes.

It’s also a good idea to check for blocked chimneys and ducts, and to remove and debris that might have gotten around your furnace. These tips won’t fix all of your problems but are a good place to start. If the fix isn’t easy, calling us is. We’re 100% licensed and certified on furnace repair so don’t hesitate to contact us at 720-600-7247.

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