Heating and Cooling

To make it really simple your furnace basically does 3 things:

  1. Sucks in cold air.
  2. Heats the cold air.
  3. Pushes hot air out and distributes it.

Each furnace has its own ways of how it heats cold air but the principle stays the same therefore here we put together a list of most common complaints we get.

Common Complaints

I.Furnace produces no heat.

By far the most common complaint we get, but not to worry, because as scary as it sounds it is more often than not one of the easiest and cheapest to fix. Complete system going offline may be caused by something as little as a blown fuse or a closed propane valve and major failure is rare in these cases.

Repair cost average $75 – $300

Repair timeframe – same day to 3 day

II.Furnace produces little heat.

This may be the second most common complaint, especially when the real cold months hit. Often this is caused by some sort of airflow obstruction or a problem with the heating source. This requires some troubleshooting but again is one of the faster fixes usually done within hours and on the same day.

Repair cost average $150 – $525

Timeframe – same day

III.Furnace continually switching on and off producing little heat.

 This issue ranges from simple to a little more serious. Sometimes these symptoms may be caused by a simple dirty filter or an air flow obstruction and sometimes it may be the blower motor causing issues. Good part about this furnace issue is that unless you have a non-standard type of furnace it may be remedied the same day.

Repair cost $150 – $700

Timeframe – same day

IV.Noisy furnace operation.

When you start hearing noises being your car or, in this case, your house it is a dead giveaway of something going bad. Doesn’t have to be expensive however, it may be just a loose belt but it is a definite sign of attention required. The sooner you get our technicians to look at it the better the chances of not dealing any serious damage.

Repair cost $100 – $700

Timeframe – same day

Other issues like ignition, thermostat or electrical problems are harder to categorize as there are different variables involved, however if you don’t see your issue listed above give us a call or click the appropriate callback or email button to get a prompt no obligation consultation and be on the road to fixing your heating furnace.

We hope you find this page useful and next time you find yourself having an HVAC issue please remember Heatwave Denver.